How Xoomworks hires Tech talent


As companies across industries embrace digitalisation, remote working, and e-commerce, it seems everyone is looking to hire tech talent.

It's a candidates' market, and companies must find ways to stand out and attract the talent they need. Providing a competitive salary and good benefits is a great start, but this alone isn't enough to win over candidates who are looking for something more.

Eleonora Varguleva and Smaranda Zegrean are Talent Acquisition Leads for Xoomworks Technology talent hubs in Bulgaria and Romania - now a specialist product unit within Accenture. They recruit software engineers and other roles to form part of Xoomworks' high-performing product teams.

They shared their insights on the current market situation and the Xoomworks approach to attracting and retaining the right talent.


How are you finding the market at the moment?

"It's challenging! Competition for top tech talent is fierce. Digitalisation has led to an explosion of different kinds of businesses entering the market, making the market volatile.

Gone are the days when we would post a job, sit back and wait for the applications to start flooding in. It's a candidates' market, and people are more passive as a result. When seeking out talent, we take a proactive approach. We still post our vacancies on LinkedIn and other platforms, but most of our candidates come from making direct contact. We research, identify and start talking to potential candidates directly on LinkedIn."

What are the top things tech talent is looking for?

It boils down to culture; having the right company culture in place can make all the difference. A culture where people instantly feel welcome is crucial for the people we're hiring. They're looking for flexible working environments, autonomy and the opportunity to work on interesting products. It's not always about working with the latest and coolest technology; they're also looking for something meaningful. For instance, we were recently hiring for a team involved in reducing water usage in big cities; candidates were very excited about that project.


How do you approach the selection process?

"First and foremost, we want all our candidates to have a positive experience throughout the hiring and onboarding process.

As we said earlier, in most cases, we contact the candidates ourselves, and that positive experience needs to start from that first message to them. Often, the people we approach aren't actively looking for a new job, so we need to position what we do and why and the opportunities from the get-go.

After that first interaction, we'll invite the candidate to have an initial conversation where we'll talk about our organisation and its culture. It's important to remember that every candidate is an individual with different needs, wants and motivators. We try to get a good understanding of what the candidate is interested in and what they're looking for early on in the conversation. We also avoid giving the standard company pitch, focusing on the aspects we feel each candidate will relate to the most.”

What practices are you most proud of at XT? What added value comes with being a part of Accenture?

Xoomworks has a strong positive culture. For us, culture isn't just lip-service and words designed to attract candidates – it really does exist, and we all live it daily.

We have a friendly and supportive work environment that recognises the potential of individuals and the value of their work. We provide ongoing learning and development opportunities and offer flexible working, so no one has to sacrifice family time or personal projects they love.

As a team, we're excited to be part of the Accenture family. Not only do we have the support and backing of a global organisation, but it also gives our engineers more opportunities for exposure to new clients, exciting new projects and modern technology."

Being part of a specialist product unit with a small company culture within Accenture offers us the best of both worlds.

Who are you hiring right now?

We're looking to grow our team of Xoomworks Technology legends. We need problem-solvers who can help our clients achieve their goals through amazing teamwork. We need creative thinkers who love building digital products that people will want to use and want a more strategic impact on business and society too. We are looking for individuals with a product mindset rather than a project mindset. At the same time, we need people who can help keep Xoomworks the fun, caring and dynamic team it is today.


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