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Xoomworks Technology

How Xoomworks hires Tech talent

By: Xoomworks Technology | June 14, 2022

Attracting tech talent is a journey that we explore together with our candidates. Our culture, projects and our supportive team ...

Building a product strategy? You need to understand your competitors

By: Xoomworks Technology | May 25, 2022

Doing competitor analysis is an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and figure out how you can enhance or differentiate to ...

Why you need a validated value proposition in early-stage product innovation

By: Xoomworks Technology | May 18, 2022

Why it's essential to have a clearly-defined and validated value proposition during the early stages of product innovation.

Leadership appointment to drive client value through product engagements

By: Xoomworks Technology | May 17, 2022

 Xoomworks Technology, part of Accenture welcomes Philip Young as Associate Director of Delivery & Services

How to make the business case for product innovation

By: Xoomworks Technology | April 29, 2022

A product manager explains how to make a winning business case for digital product innovation and why the user-centric approach ...

Courage, trust, and empathy: a leadership mindset

By: Xoomworks Technology | April 12, 2022

Leadership it's about being adaptable and knowing the people involved and what makes them tick. It's about leaning into what ...

The 3 ingredients for a successful tech outsourcing partnership

By: Xoomworks Technology | April 7, 2022

How to outsource successfully? We believe in truly understanding our partner, merging the external and internal teams into one ...

Solving the problem of problem-solving

By: Xoomworks Technology | March 4, 2022

A mindset of problem solving creates an environment of trust and continuous improvement. This unlocks opportunities for digital ...

The secret to successful product innovation

By: Xoomworks Technology | February 14, 2022

Top 5 recommendations to create successful product innovation: from creating an open culture to getting the right feedback from ...

4 practices for building a high-performing software development team

By: Xoomworks Technology | January 31, 2022

We understand that a great software development team means more than the right tech skills. That's why, you can confidently build ...