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Coming through Covid – a year of impact

By: Xoomworks Technology | October 8, 2021

As we move towards the final quarter of 2021 and the world starts to get back to a certain kind of normal, we take a look at how ...

5 challenges facing the payments industry in 2021

By: Xoomworks Technology | September 21, 2021

The payment industry is facing multiple challenges in 2021 since more people switched to online shopping after the pandemic.

Is this the best and healthiest way to grow a business?

By: Xoomworks Technology | September 17, 2021

Organisations that want to see a better gender balance in their leadership ranks will only see a step change when they start ...

How to build honest business partnerships and a great working environment

By: Xoomworks Technology | September 6, 2021

With trust, openness and honesty Xoomworks Technology employees bring added value to our clients, providing a working environment ...

Support structures and culture ensure multi-country and remote teams deliver better

By: Xoomworks Technology | August 31, 2021

Multi-country and remote teams deliver better with good collaboration and knowledge, sharing and expertise. Support structures ...

Why tech innovation projects start with trust

By: Xoomworks Technology | August 6, 2021

Trust and open and transparent communication underpin how the OneTeam approach helps solve problems and find solutions for ...

Freedom and support make the difference in tech

By: Xoomworks Technology | August 4, 2021

The OneTeam approach provides the support framework and freedom so that individuals can take the initiative and deliver ...

What does it take to be a woman leader in tech in 2021?

By: Xoomworks Technology | July 30, 2021

Ildiko Sas, Managing Director at Xoomworks Technology, talks about what Xoomworks is doing to support more women to move into ...

Is data your most valuable sleeping asset?

By: Xoomworks Technology | May 13, 2021

Working with data specialists who are skilled at problem-solving and lateral thinking, as well as equipped with a good ...

The Trade-Offs of Technology Outsourcing

By: Steve Jackson, Co-founder & Group COO | March 4, 2021

Technology today is a without a doubt a key driver of competitive advantage – not because it cut costs but because it creates ...