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    Antonia Toader

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    How change management can ensure a successful S2P implementation

    By: Antonia Toader | July 20, 2021

    The aim of a procurement change management process is to ensure that the new Source to Pay business model is implemented as ...

    The Journey from Process Driven to Data Driven Procurement. How to capture data?

    By: Antonia Toader | July 12, 2021

    Embark on a journey to data driven procurement - learn about collecting relevant data, what to do with it and what benefits it ...

    Setting up the foundation for your procurement software implementation

    By: Antonia Toader | July 6, 2021

    We have come up with five steps to help you set the foundation for a successful S2P implementation project and building the ...

    Choosing the right system & implementation partner for your S2P transformation

    By: Antonia Toader | June 23, 2021

    Successful procurement system selection depends on having a clear statement of your procurement vision and the purpose of your ...

    Designing a Procurement Target Operating Model & Business Case

    By: Antonia Toader | June 9, 2021

    Starting your transformation journey by focusing on a target operating model and procurement business case can make the ...

    Meet the Team – Dan Butts, Principal Consultant

    By: Antonia Toader | May 11, 2021

    May’s meet the team section features Dan Butts, one of our Principal Consultants based in UK.

    Why companies should invest in an eProcurement system for mid-market?

    By: Antonia Toader | April 28, 2021

    eProcurement system for mid-market is targeted at any organization that recognises the need to adapt, and to be successful ...

    Meet the team – Kelly Lewis, Senior Solution Consultant

    By: Antonia Toader | March 8, 2021

    In this month’s Meet the Team section we welcome our colleague, Kelly Lewis, Senior Solution Consultant.

    Why a S2P solution didn’t solve all your procurement challenges

    By: Antonia Toader | February 19, 2021

    Fr a new system to deliver at its full capacity, all stakeholders need to be actively involved in the process and to overcome ...